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Check out our resources for Specific Learning Disability

Resource:  Eligibility Document

Check out the Eligibility Document for Specific Learning Disability.

Resource:  A timeline of SLD

Check out this cool timeline of SLD from LDA.

Resource:  SLD and Attention

Curious about SLD and Attention.  Check out this video from my PSW Monthly membership.

Resource:  PSW Resources

Does your district utilize the PSW Model for SLD Identification?  Check out some resources on my (Jenny’s) website.

Basic Psychological Processes

Interested in taking a deep dive into 8 of the basic psychological processes?  Check out my course that covers:

  • attention
  • auditory/phonological processing
  • fluid reasoning
  • language/knowledge
  • memory
  • processing speed
  • sensory-motor skills
  • visual processing (including orthographic processing)

This course is typically $99 but because you are a member of NSP Insiders, I am offering it at a reduced price of only $25.  Click the button below to register.

CEUs are offered (5 hours) for LEP (CA only) and NCSP 

Use coupon code NSP at checkout!

Resource:  A Critique of the Discrepancy Model


Resource:  NASP: Response to Instruction in the Identification of Learning Disabilities:  A Guide for School Teams 


Resource:  MASP: The Role of the School Psychologist in the RtI Process


Resource:  CASP:  Position Paper on SLD

This position paper discusses both RtI as a pre-referral intervention as well as PSW.