• Penny

    27 December 2021 at 20 h 52 min

    Hi Lupe,

    So sorry….not sure how I missed this 🙁

    You have probably already found your answer due to the delay in my reply but I am still happy to help if I can. I would want to know more about what the child is receiving services for in the area of speech. Is it just articulation or is there language/pragmatic goals being addressed? If a parent is requesting an assessment for autism, I would ask the parent to describe the behaviors/symptoms they are observing that are a concern. I would be interested if the child has friends, how does the child interact with peers in both structured and unstructured settings, how does the child handle change and/or unexpected events, does the child regulate his/her emotions, etc. Both the teacher and parent can be helpful in answering these. Also, remember that the impact can be in the area of social/behavioral, even if the academics are strong. Think about whether the child is being successful in their ability to make and maintain friendships and interact with peers in their education.

    I hope you were able to find your answer. I have ensured now that I will receive an notification if I get another comment so please don’t hesitate to reach out again. I truly apologize for the delay!!