• zack

    5 August 2021 at 5 h 46 min

    Hello Kezhia, great question(s), it sounds like you have some great collaborators to help with your new placement. I would say the first thing to do would be map out what resources your site will have available and who is involved with what. This can look like a simple resource mapping and putting each resource in its respective tier, or could include a formal program evaluation and building a logic model to determine what input/output, short/long-term goals, and other resources are needed. The next step would be establishing what forms your site will use for referrals (a quick checklist with some interview questions to gain info from parents/teachers), consent, and documenting progress monitoring. Then you can maybe delegate which staff (MFT, LCSW, counselor, or school psych) handles which cases at what point. An important next step would be to determine when a student needs more or less services, when a sped evaluation would be needed, and how the school will manage referrals.

    I would also look for social emotional learning resources that have been designed or built for online learning. Also, some telehealth training would be great for all service providers. Let me know if you would like further input or have any further questions!

    Good luck with your new placement next year!