• Kezhia Rodriguez

    30 July 2021 at 22 h 59 min


    I was just told that my placement will be at my district’s virtual high school (a new program/school) and students will be virtual all year. I wanted to see what type of procedural supports or recommendations you would have for a first-year school psychologist.

    Throughout my internship last year, I supported an elementary and middle school and focused on delivering Tier 1 mental health supports in various classrooms which expanded to some Tier 2 groups. However, going into this year I would like to be more efficient and be able to have teachers, staff, or students refer/self-refer for mental health support as needed. My district is a bit unique in that there is an MFT or MSW designated for each site, so generally, they may support general education students and I may support special education students; however, in some cases, there is an overlap. Additionally, we have a virtual wellness center in place with general resources and activities that is an ongoing collaborative effort between our MFT, MSW, school counselors, and school psychologists.

    Can you expand on some of the systems or forms that you have in place (or needed to adapt to online over the last year) for students, teachers, parents, and staff to refer students or obtain resources for mental health concerns?