• Zachary Maupin

    28 July 2021 at 17 h 56 min

    Hi Amanda! Great to hear from you again. I hope all is going well. Great question Re: ERMHS assessment reports. I’m always eager to discuss AB114 or ERMHS/ERICS related questions!

    In my experience, I have done this both ways- embedded social/emotional or mental health content in a psychoeducational report or written it as a separate report (typically completed by another school psychologist). An ERMHS evaluation, I’ve probably mentioned before, is a made up thing and doesn’t have explanation or guidance in any legal realm that I’m aware of- it’s very subjective to each district. That being said, the purpose of an “ERMHS” evaluation is typically to determine the level of mental health needs to guide your IEP team in what goals should be written and what services would be required. If you have this information in your psychoed report, I wouldn’t see the need to generate an entirely different report- that being said, always follow your district’s protocol.

    I have, however, intentionally kept my reports separate when there is a triennial or psychoed report completed by another school psych. It will inevitably repeat some of the soc/emot content (we collaborate on this portion of the assessment), but I am using the data in a slightly different way (determining services, not eligibility). I have also had bad experiences where someone has changed my content in the collaborative report. In litigious cases, advocates or attorneys often times like to see them as separate entities to help keep things separate or distinct from one another. This can get complicated if you are asked to do an ERMHS evaluation simultaneously with an initial psychoed; because if the student doesn’t qualify for SPED they would not be eligible for ERMHS related services. If, in this scenario, you didn’t collaborate with the school psych doing the psychoed, you may find yourself in an awkward situation where you recommend services, but they did not recommend eligibility.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions!