• Amanda Rao

    20 July 2021 at 0 h 55 min

    Hi there!

    So ERMHS is an area that I am needing to develop more skills ( this is an area I feel grad school didn’t really focus on). Anyway…. I have tons of questions in relation to ERMHS.

    First, to be legally defensible or best practice…. Does there need to be two separate reports (psychoeducational AND ERMHS) when considering ERMHS services for a student? The reason I ask, I am both the psych and the ERMHS assessor (we do not have MFT’s in my district ). I feel like I have enough in the social emotional section of my psych report to support the need if necessary. Therefore, if I were to complete an ERMHS report too it would basically be the same information.

    Does this make sense? Can everything be in one report?