• Suzi

    6 July 2021 at 20 h 02 min


    Yes, I know about the exclusionary factors and I feel there should always be caution around using those as they are so subjective based on other factors. For instance, if a school site does not have adequate interventions in place can you still use that exclusion? I have even been at sites where not all Kindergarten teachers use phonics to teach reading.

    If during my evaluation, a child is found to have a learning disability and interventions were not tried, would it be an acceptable practice as the School Psychologist to write in my report that I do not consider the student eligible for sped at this time because of a lack of interventions and urge the team try interventions first? I worry that would create a division between myself and the gen ed teachers.

    Also, at what age or grade would this not be prudent if say a student has struggled (fell through to cracks) for say 2-3 years and are now in 4th grade but interventions have never been used?

    Thank you,