• Sarah 2020-02-11 23:18:10

    5 July 2021 at 6 h 34 min

    Hi Brittany!! Congrats on finishing up everything this past year and embarking on your first year as a middle school psych! It will be a year of challenges, wins, and major growth. My best advice is to embrace all the year has to offer and learn as much as you absolutely can- the real world experiences are invaluable. And having to figure it out on your own is the best way to 1- learn how to do the job and 2- realize you are ready for this and know more than you think! Especially with the continuing challenges that Covid has presented, it will be a year that even seasoned professionals don’t have a playbook for. Be sure to check out all the resources on this site- there are so many that help with reopening plans and interventions for kids. Get to know your special Ed team at your site and other psychs in your district- these folks will be your closest colleagues and can help you understand current expectations and procedures. And as far as what our kiddos and staff need this upcoming year: be a listener. Your powers of perception as you observe and listen will help lead you as you help those around you. You may not immediately have the answers, but identifying those in need is the first step. Then you can go about determining the best way to assist. Good luck!!!